Dave Wood

BTW. There are people posting/retweeting things like “hand sanitizers are anti-bacterial and won’t help with viruses like the coronavirus”. This is wrong. Using an alcohol based hand sanitizer is effective against bacteria & viruses. Of course, wash your hands properly too.

How to make your own hand sanitizer: www.wikihow.com/Make-Gel-…

Life Pro Tip: if your hand sanitizer has expired, add a little isopropyl alcohol and it’ll revive its effectiveness.

Note: I am not a chemist, but it sounds reasonable. 😆

.@vincent Are you able to turn this off remotely? Or does it require a new build?

Figured I should get some hand sanitizer with all the talk of coronavirus (4 local cases). Apparently I wasn’t the first to think of it around here. 🤣

📷 Vision #mbfeb I miss having > 20/20 vision. Had PRK (similar to LASIK) in 2005 & it was awesome, but age related eye issues still occur. Now I wear these things. 795C9DC6-B7DE-466D-AFC8-E5A092E14795.jpg

Four More Years!!!!

….until the next leap year.

📷 Leap #mbfeb Am working on cutting meat out of my diet, which is hard because I love it so much. But, times change. Took a leap of faith today and tried something new. Tempeh. Not awful. Think it might grow on me.

📷 Below #mbfeb When your point total is below your opponents point total, you lose. Tough beat for the @Raptors tonight, behind for most of the game, fought hard to catch up, but in the end, didn’t earn a win.

Great. Now my AirPods Pro are doing the same thing as my original AirPods. One side doesn’t charge randomly.

📷 Together #mbfeb My girls do everything together! 2BA7FC22-2354-48EB-BF21-331A3BA00B97.jpg

Damn it. Was out shovelling the snow, and a neighbour asked if I wanted their kid to come over and help. I guess I’m an old man now? Frack.

Photos are slow to load on Micro.blog again.

27 mins for my last one.

📷 Escape #mbfeb I’m able to reliably escape the portrait only mode on iPhone.

📷 Hurdle #mbfeb This massive case is a hurdle onlookers need to overcome if they want to see what the device inside looks like before it’s officially announced…

📷 Double #mbfeb Double ones. 🐍👀

📷 Station #mbfeb Drink station before the rush! Go @raptors Go!!!

📷 Spectacle #mbfeb My dogs create such a spectacle on bath day. Looks like I’ve used a radial blur here, but nope.

📷 Progress #mbfeb Damn it Apple. Was just about to post about the progress App Review has made lately. Went to get a screenshot of the words “In Review”, instead I see we’ve been rejected for something that’s been correct in the app for over a year. This is not progress! #iosdev

📷 Scale #mbfeb I recently bought this scale so I could accurately measure stuff, but it’s not very consistent. While taking this photo the measurement fluctuated between 50.09 and 50.25g. Oh well. Cheap Amazon junk.

So far I’m impressed with Flutter. Dart (the language used) is pretty nice. Sort of a cross between Swift and C#. Can’t wait to ship an app with it. 😁

Micro.blog seems to take a really long time to update…

📷 Space #mbfeb I recently set up a dedicated space for storing and charging all (well some of) my test devices.


📷 Oppose #mbfeb I used to oppose the idea of using cross-platform frameworks, but I’m changing my tune as I aim to reduce my dependance on Apple. Trying out Flutter right now. Impressive so far.

📷 Cool #mbfeb It’s not cool that builds are taking 3-4 hours to process before hitting TestFlight today, but it’s sort of cool that I realized I’m wearing an old school TestFlight shirt from WWDC’12 (possibly ‘13).