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My vision for an App Store 2.0. A compromise I think works for Apple, all developers, and users: www.cerebralgardens.com/blog/entr…

My 2020 WWDC Security Wish List

It’s taken me about 5 years to finally put this post together. It’s my 2020 WWDC Security Wish List. 7 security features I’d like to see in iOS.


. @macgenie @manton Thanks for the stickers! One will adorn my MacPro when it finally arrives!

The unused pieces are appropriately #physicalDistancing #pandemic

Keeping it real, playing a little Pandemic, during the Pandemic…

Working during the #coronavirus #pandemic affects us all. Be a good example for others. If Vader can work from home, so can you. #staythefuckhome #starwars (Unknown original source)

So I guess travel credit cards are kind of useless now eh?

We’re trying to learn how to make masks. This sewing machine has been in storage for over a decade. Still works…so far…

Darn, it snowed last night. Think I’ll avoid traffic and work from home today. 😝 #normalityRestored

Invisible Smart Lock! Pretty awesome engineering!

Couldn’t resist this one… #coronavirus #staythefuckhome

I’m not sure if it’s the coronavirus, or if people are always stupid. I’m loaning a thermometer to a neighbour, and they asked “am I touching it with my hands”… no, I’m levitating it with my fucking mind…

Damn. Fire truck and ambulance outside my house. Neighbour taken to hospital. First thought of course was: coronavirus? Turns out it was “just” an allergic reaction. Recovering thankfully.

Apple should release Mojave as macOS 10.16. #wwdc2020

Day #7 of self-isolation, the kids (nephews/niece) are teaching their lizards to play cards! 🇨🇦

Has anyone created a visualization comparing the number of #COVID19 emails from companies, compared to #GDPR privacy policy emails? Asking for a friend…

Purging, reorganizing etc to make a new home office for my wife now that she’ll be working at home for a while. Found this crazy shirt I must have bought for a joke sometime. Guess it can go.

Screenshots for @vincent

Finally installed a doorbell camera. Resolution is great. Got an extra indoor chime so I can actually hear it in my office, but the notifications are fast enough that they’re probably all I needed. A1760590-B3B9-4EEC-9B19-2F58A41B504E.jpg

A tonne of updates from Apple today, but no mention of the Radeon Pro W5700X for the #MacPro. Starting to doubt that card will ever ship.

‪Wife now working from home, doing customer support over the phone. Someone seriously messed up their system, my wife says “don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world…”, and I’m like, “Well actually…”‬ #wfh #coronapocolypse

I’ve always said these air pouches could be used to spread a biological weapon. And of course, they could also accidentally spread something like #coronavirus. Wonder if there’s some sort of filter on the air intake?

How soon do you think we’ll see price gouging on desks for all the new home offices? #coronapocolypse

Man down! #coronapocolypse

OH: I bought a bag of dog food yesterday, and I’ve gotta tell ya, I chose the flavour based on my preferences not hers… #coronapocolypse