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Ahh, Twitter is down!

Day 9: Safe 📷 #mboct 5BEBA13A-85C8-4E9B-903C-70B4FF2C7F5A.jpg

Day 8: Twilight 📷 #mboct 73DEE460-1946-4042-8AD3-F90E06F4C822.jpg

Day 7: Spice 📷 #mboct 188C44CF-3C4B-4EF9-8C37-95F238798CF5.jpg

Day 6: Street 📷 #mboct 89C6FE9C-194C-4507-9E21-660540A762A0.jpg

Day 5: Toy 📷 #mboct 2761389C-09E7-47A5-8FD1-7CF999AF0821.jpg

Day 4: Sharp 📷 #mboct 02BDCABA-4DC5-40D2-994F-DEA5789F65EE.jpg

Day 3: Majority 📷 #mboct 1F62C409-838A-465C-94EE-557DA577BF3D.jpg

Day 2: dark 📷 #mboct


Day 1: Touch 📷 #mboct


Is it just me, or does #WWDC have you evaluating your entire life each year? lol

My vision for an App Store 2.0. A compromise I think works for Apple, all developers, and users: www.cerebralgardens.com/blog/entr…

My 2020 WWDC Security Wish List

It’s taken me about 5 years to finally put this post together. It’s my 2020 WWDC Security Wish List. 7 security features I’d like to see in iOS.


. @macgenie @manton Thanks for the stickers! One will adorn my MacPro when it finally arrives!

The unused pieces are appropriately #physicalDistancing #pandemic

Keeping it real, playing a little Pandemic, during the Pandemic…

Working during the #coronavirus #pandemic affects us all. Be a good example for others. If Vader can work from home, so can you. #staythefuckhome #starwars (Unknown original source)

So I guess travel credit cards are kind of useless now eh?

We’re trying to learn how to make masks. This sewing machine has been in storage for over a decade. Still works…so far…

Darn, it snowed last night. Think I’ll avoid traffic and work from home today. 😝 #normalityRestored

Invisible Smart Lock! Pretty awesome engineering!

Couldn’t resist this one… #coronavirus #staythefuckhome

I’m not sure if it’s the coronavirus, or if people are always stupid. I’m loaning a thermometer to a neighbour, and they asked “am I touching it with my hands”… no, I’m levitating it with my fucking mind…

Damn. Fire truck and ambulance outside my house. Neighbour taken to hospital. First thought of course was: coronavirus? Turns out it was “just” an allergic reaction. Recovering thankfully.

Apple should release Mojave as macOS 10.16. #wwdc2020