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I’m kind of impressed, since I posted about the micro.blog icon request in Font-Awesome last night, we went from 3 votes to 10. Think we can hit 50? Add your thumb here: github.com/FortAweso…

If you’ve got an account on GitHub, it would be ‘awesome’ if you gave a vote/thumbs up to this issue: github.com/FortAweso… Requesting a micro.blog icon be added to the Font-Awesome font.

Can’t believe I renewed my micro.blog account. I barely use it, but, want to support indies trying something different.

A rant about the Genius Bar service at the Apple Store

Yesterday I took an iPad mini in to get the battery replaced. Planning on spending the $150 they charge to replace it. Turns out they don’t replace the battery, you get a whole ‘new/refurbished’ iPad. So they don’t want to actually replace it. Ran their battery diagnostics on it and said the battery is still fine, at 87%. Coconut Battery test reports 34% and says replace ASAP. They don’t want to replace it. I’m arguing with the ‘Genius’, saying the iPad shuts off at about 70%. He says that’s a software issue, to do a restore. They won’t replace it because their test shows the battery is fine. He gives me the option to replace it for the full price of a new iPad. Thanks buddy, that’s not a replacement, that’s buying a new one but worse. Note also that this is a 2.5 year old iPad, with a cycle count of 11. Clearly I leave it plugged in too much. The charge was at 100% when I got to the store since I’d just unplugged it from my desk before I headed out. While discussing the issue (while he constantly referred to the iPad as a phone for some reason), the charge dropped to 68% (in under 20 minutes). He finally agreed that wasn’t normal and replaced the iPad for the $150. Tonight, I’ve just come to pick up my wife’s repaired MBP. I booked the repair under my Apple ID, but with her name. Since I’m picking it up, she called ahead and left my name as the authorized pick up person. Guy on the phone said it was all good, he’s added my name to the repair. I get to the store, there’s no record of me being authorized. Even though they see my name on the Apple ID that booked the repair. That’s fine. I’d rather they ensure they release hardware to the right person. Here’s where it gets stupid. To get me approved as the pickup person, they ask me to email the store from the Apple ID email address, which they show me on the repair order. Email has no security for sending email. Anyone can send email with any email address. I can send email as Tim Cook if I wanted. Once they receive the email, they gave me the computer. Thanks for authorizing that for me Tim!

How we deal with #mentalhealth sucks. If person A is ill, the disease prevents them from seeing it. Person B can see it, but can’t do anything. Needs to be a way to force A to see a doctor. Currently have to wait until A hurts someone, and then react; prevention would be better.

Had a thought last night. We should ‘rebrand’ mental illness as ‘mind cancer’. It would remove the stigma, and probably get more funding for treatment/cures.

Me, feeling a cold coming on: “Wonder if we have any NeoCitron?”, checks cupboard: “Yep”, checks expiry: “January”….. “2011”. 😕

Finally started watching #StrangerThings, while on the treadmill. Wrong show for that, jumped out of my skin and nearly went flying! lol. Good show so far though.

If you’re a Mac user, give this app a try: Vanilla -> bit.ly/get_vanil… It’s a newer app similar to Mac Bartender, for hiding icons on the menu bar. But works better in High Sierra.

Mix and Match Swift 3 & Swift 4 Libraries with CocoaPods www.cerebralgardens.com/blog/entr… #iosdev #cocoapods #swift #swiftlang

After nearly a year of development, All the Rings, a health and fitness app for #iPhone and #AppleWatch, is now available to help you achieve your fitness goals! Check me out: https://alltherings.fit/

90 minutes to the keynote! Can’t wait to see Face ID on iPhone X (if that’s its real name)

Hmm. I’m still here. Wonder for how long. Can’t even see when my account expires. 😕 Really want to see Micro.blog succeed, but I still don’t see anything to do here. Other than talk to myself in this empty room.

@ben hey, just testing. Do you see this?

@brentsimmons @collin The completely off topic Trump comment was awesome. Literally laughed out loud!

Quote from a friend looking to put games on her iPhone when asked for her CC by the @AppStore: I have to pay for them? They’re not included?

Most annoying thing about answering StackOverflow questions, is when someone posts an answer just before you, then edits their answer by adding your answer to it so it looks like they posted your answer first.

These girls are just way too #cute! #ckcs

@manton Curious where you’d like us to send you bug reports?

Testing Wondering if this adds a title to my post?

Hello world. For my first micro.blog post, I’ll simply link to some thoughts I had about Apple’s recent change to the commission rate they pay affiliates who help sell our apps: https://www.cerebralgardens.com/blog/entry/2017/04/24/proposed-affiliate-developer-commission-changes