Dave Wood

Better place your orders for this kind of stuff soon, before the price gouging kicks in… Now that everyone is sold out of toilet paper, bidet’s on Amazon have tripled in price…

A good thing about the current pandemic: people are learning things. How important hand washing is. How effective soap is. That the temperature of the water doesn’t matter (I learned that’s not common knowledge). I even saw someone learn that Spain is not the capital of Mexico.

Got some last minute plague survival necessities…

Luna would like to self-isolate with her yak bone.

No need to worry about #coronavirus anymore, we’re saved. Someone called #ghostbusters!

(Taken outside my wife’s office).

If it comes down to this, we’re seriously fucked. Lol. 🤣

You know why the stores are all sold out of toilet paper? Every time a person sneezes, a hundred people shit themselves…


Taking a quick break from #coronavirus to resume my regularly scheduled #macOS complaining. For some reason unlock with Apple Watch has stopped working on my iMac. Rebooted. Removed and reset security permissions. Still not working. I’m typing my password in like an animal.

Wow. NBA season postponed. Guess I’m not going to my next @raptors game. 😷

Looks like I’ve completely failed the “30-day Photo Challenge”. Missed one post in Feb by 10 mins, so kept going into March. Today would be 30 days. Still no pin. Now I suspect it’s not counting PNG’s as photos. If that’s the case, I’m back to 2 days, so I’m done.

Just chillin’

When Apple announces a remote only #wwdc2020, I hope they sell jackets for it.

The real second factor here is the micro-USB cable needed to connect this to your computer. Took longer to find that than the key.

Congrats @tesla & @elonmusk for making your first million cars! You’re just getting started!!!

New York is going to have their prisoners make hand sanitizer. I don’t see how anything can go wrong giving prisoners access to 99% alcohol.

I was just at Costco. Someone was retuning a huge pack of toilet paper. What choices have you made in life that you now decide you’ll never need toilet paper again? Bought a bidet? (That came up as an option to my “replace TP” post a few days ago).

Nice work Samsung. Literally referring to the user in the third person.

‪I love driving an hour and a half (each way) to a meeting, that gets cancelled when I arrive.‬ ‪youtube.com/watch

The other day my brother said he’s lazy & when microwaving something, he just hits the same number for the time. i.e: 66 seconds vs 60, 3:33 vs 3:30 or even 3:00. I’m thinking: is that lazy, or smart/efficient? And now I’m doing it.

Went out into the world today. Interesting to see how #coronavirus is affecting things. Costco handing out Lysol wipes to disinfect the shopping cart handles. Also, if the line up, or traffic in an aisle is too slow, you can just cough a bit and everyone moves out of your way.

Sometimes I think of weird things. I’ve been thinking we need a replacement for toilet paper. Seems to be a key item people are panic buying due to #coronavirus, but also, when we colonize Mars, it would be good to have an alternative that doesn’t require trees.

Getting ready for the @Raptors tonight!

My stalkers.

Another experiment. Tofu with butter chicken sauce. Pretty good.